Events Archive

Date Event Title
14th Jun 2017 Globalised Communities: Librarians Facing the Challenges of the HEI Landscape [Event Ref. TG4/GLOBE]
12th Jun 2017 Managing Study Space: fair space for all [Event Ref. No. TG3/SPACE]
9th Jun 2017 Digital Librarianship [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
9th Jun 2017 Non-Academic Libraries [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
6th Jun 2017 Presentation Skills for Information Professionals [Event Ref. TG1/PRES]
25th May 2017 E-Books [Event Ref. No. TG3/EBOOKS]
18th May 2017 Staff Development Forum: Making the Modern Academic Librarian [Event Ref. No. TG1/STAFF]
16th May 2017 Moving into Management [Event Ref. No. TG4/MIM]
12th May 2017 Marketing Yourself: Transferable Skills [Event Ref. No. TG4/SKIL]
10th May 2017 Librarians and Learning Technologies [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
10th May 2017 UX [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
9th May 2017 Games without frontiers: Enhancing engagement, interaction and reflection [Event Ref. TG1/GAMES]
26th Apr 2017 Engaging and Supporting Researchers [Event Ref. No. TG3/ESR]
26th Apr 2017 Open Access and Repositories [Event Ref. No. TG3/REPO]
5th Apr 2017 Dyslexia, creative learning and assistive technology [Event Ref. TG2/ASSIST]
3rd Apr 2017 Visit to The Stuart Hall Library, Institute of International Visual Arts [Event Ref. TG2v/STU]
29th Mar 2017 Visit to Marylebone Cricket Club [Event Ref. No. TG4v/MCCL]
28th Mar 2017 Privacy and Surveillance [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
17th Mar 2017 Reading Lists – Challenge or Opportunity? [Event Ref. No. TG3/READ]
13th Mar 2017 Visit to the Guildhall Library: Treasures Tour [Event Ref. No. TG2v/GUILD]
10th Mar 2017 Visit to the Paul Hamlyn Library, University of West London [Event Ref. TGXv/UWL]
7th Mar 2017 Managing student behaviour: understanding, liaison and strategy [Event Ref. TG4/SBH]
28th Feb 2017 Copyright [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
28th Feb 2017 Current Trends in Academic Liaison [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
3rd Feb 2017 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Collections? Explore Limehouse Chinatown in Tower Hamlet’s Local History Library and Archives [Event Ref. TG4/CNY]
27th Jan 2017 Strategic Management [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
27th Jan 2017 Managing People [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
23rd Jan 2017 Visit to The Library of the Society of Friends [Event Ref. TG2v\FRI]
18th Jan 2017 The Customer Service Excellence standard: sharing hints and tips [Event Ref. TG2/CSE]
5th Dec 2016 Using Technology to Interact with Students [Event Ref. TG3\TECH]
1st Dec 2016 Applying to study Library and Information Science [Event Ref. No. TG1/LIS]
29th Nov 2016 Community Engagement and Widening Participation – How Universities and Libraries Reach Out To Marginalised Groups [Event Ref. TG2/WID]
24th Nov 2016 Reflective Practice for Library and Information Work [Event Ref. TG1/ASPECTS]
22nd Nov 2016 Visit to the Art Collections, Royal Holloway, University of London [Event Ref. TG2v/RYLH]
18th Nov 2016 My Digital Tools Bring all the Researchers to the Library – Marketing your Library in the 21st Century [Event Ref. TG4\MARK]
1st Nov 2016 State-of-the-art library:visit to the University of Bedfordshire, Luton Campus
19th Oct 2016 Professional Identity and Development for Librarians [Event Ref. TG1/PROF]
14th Oct 2016 Future Histories: Exploring the History of Black Theatre in London [Event Ref. TG4v\GOLD]
10th Oct 2016 The Memory of London: Visit to London Metropolitan Archives [Event Ref. TG2v/LMA]
1st Aug 2016 Visit to the BFI Library: The world of film, television and the moving image [Event Ref. TG2V/BFI]
25th Jul 2016 Visit to the Tavistock and Portman Library [Event Ref. No. TG2v/TAVI]
21st Jul 2016 New library, old space – A visit to the new Naylor Library, St Mary’s University, Twickenham [Event Ref. No.TGx/NAY]
11th Jul 2016 Teaching Non-library Academic Skills [Event Ref. No. TG3/SKIL]
8th Jul 2016 The Road Less Travelled: alternative approaches to library staff development and accreditation [Event Ref. No. TG1/RLT]
6th Jul 2016 Visit to the Feminist Library [Event Ref. No. TG2v/FEM]
22nd Jun 2016 Introduction to Financial Planning [Event Ref. No. TG1/PQW]
22nd Jun 2016 Introduction to Marketing within Academic Libraries [Event Ref. No. TG1/PQW]
17th Jun 2016 What would Indiana Jones do? Be an explorer for the day – Tour of the UCL Museum Collections [Event Ref. No. TG4v/UCL]
16th Jun 2016 SLA conference 2016: “My model for business is The Beatles.” – Your part in sustaining and creating a successful team [Event Ref. No. TG4/SLA]
8th Jun 2016 Supporting Our Users [Event Ref. No. TG1/PQW]